Excursions, day trips and tours in Side and Southern Turkey


There are many tours and excursions available in Side and Southern Turkey and here at Sidelet we want your holiday experience to be a truly memorable one, so why not take a browse through our selection below:

Tours and excursions are very popular however, we are able to book any of these for you prior to your holiday to ensure availability.

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  1. Antalya (depart 08.15am) - 15 Euro/£12 - Tues/Thurs/Sat
    1. Seldju bridge,Aspendos,Waterfall,Shopping
  2. Alanya (depart 09.00am) - 25 Euro/£23 - Wed/Fri Lunch /boat trip entrance
    1. Banana plantation,Dropstone cave,Castle of Alanya,Boat trip
  3. Village Tour (depart 08.00am) - 20 euro/£18 - Everyday Lunch
    1. Taurus Mountains ,traditional tea house ,Mosque visit,School visit
  4. Boat tour (Manavgat)(departs 09.00am) - 15 Euro/£13 - Mon/Thurs Lunch
    1. Boat tour on the sea,Boat tour on the river,Manavgat waterfall,free time in turkish bazaar
  5. Boat trip (Dolphin Island)(depart 09.00am) - 20 Euro/£17 - Tue/ Wed/Fri/Sat/Sun Lunch
    1. Half way to Alanya,Blue Laguna-Dolphin Island ,Snorkling and fishing,
  6. Fishing Tour(departs 08.45am) 30 Euro/£28 Everyday Lunch
  7. Green Canyon (departs 09.00am) - 35 Euro/£33 - Everyday Lunch
    1. Transfer to Dam, boat tour on Dam lake in the canyon,the only lake that allows boat trips
  8. Jeep Safari (departs 09.00am) - 25 Euro/£23  - Everyday Lunch
    1. Safari with jeep on the taurus mountains,drive through forest,mosque visit
  9. Quad Safari(departs 08.30am) - 30 Euro/£28 - Everyday
    1. 35km driving,adventure
  10. Truck safari(departs 09.00am) 25 Euro/£23 Everyday lunch
    1. Safari with Mercedes truck,Taurus mountains,donkey tour
  11. Rafting (departs 09.00am) 20 Euro/£18 Everyday Lunch
    1. whitewater adventure,
  12. Hamam 20 Euro/£18 Everyday
    1. Peeling ,oil and foam massage ,sauna
  13. Pamukkale(departs 07.00am) 40 Euro/£37 Wed/Sat H.B
    1. Nomadic family on the taurus mountains,salda lake,lime terraces,Hieropolis ancient city,cleopatra bath,carpet weaving center
  14. Cappadocia 60 Euro/£55 Mo/Turs/Sun H.B
    1. Dervidh and Mevlana museum in Konya,stone churches,fairy chimneys,open meseum Goreme,underground city,carpet weaving
  15. Myra-kekova (departs 06.00am) 40 Euro/£38 Wed/Fri/Sun Boat and lunch
    1. Antique roman theater,Demre St Nickolas church,kekova sunken city,boat tours
  16. Aqualand(departs 08.30am) 30 euro/£27 Tues/Wed
    1. A fun day out,30 different waterslides,wave pool
  17. Diving (departs 08.45am) 55 Euro/£47 Everyday Lunch
  18. Fire of Anatolia (departs 19.30pm) 45 Euro/£42 Tues/Fri
  19. Turkish night (departs 17.00pm) 35 Euro/£33 Everyday Dinner and drinks


A new and exciting adventure ------euro karting Turkey.

The fastest and longest go-karting track in the Antalya area of Side Turkey .All ages catered for! 850M GO KARTING TRACK with free pick up service from local areas --food and beverages available -stunning scenery and attentive staff.

The World famous Cappadocia boasts one of the most dramatic landscapes on earth. Cappadocia has been shaped by volcanic eruptions from millions of years ago creating a surreal lunar-like setting of magnificent fairy chimneys scattered through a vast valley. A must-see moonscape volcanic terrain you can go inside cave houses and climb up spiralling towers. Explore underground cities and see stunning sunsets over the canyons. We will also take you to visit the carpet culture centre and you can try your hand at potter at the workshops. Don’t miss a chance to see something special, if there was an 8th wonder of the world Cappadocia would be it. There is no place like Cappadocia.

Treat yourself to a body scrub, foam wash, oil massage and face mask. Cleanse your mind, body and spirit and start your holiday with the ultimate in pampering and relaxation. Prepare to be rubbed, scrubbed, steamed and bathed. Set in a traditional Turkish bath house. This is a great way to detox and get an enviable suntan. Pamper yourself with a relaxing oil massage, a full body MOT.

Cruise along the fantastic coastline of Side and take in all the magnificent sights. You will be taken out on a boat from the harbour which is surrounded by ancient ruins. Cruising along the warm turquoise waters of the Mediterranean will make your day a memorable one. Often the dolphins can be spotted swimming next to you in the open sea.

Green lake is one of the biggest and most beautiful dam lakes with fantastic views and hidden Canyons. Cruise along the emerald green waters of the lake and enjoy swimming in a unique tranquil setting and peaceful environment.

Antalya is a fantastic city well worth visiting. It has picturesque views, historical remains, cultural heritage and ancient ruins. Antalya is a combination of old and new. Despite its historical background and ancient ruins Antalya is a modern, thriving city and a shopping haven. Our tour program is packed with visits to the old town, marina, waterfalls and shopping units. We also visit Aspendos, which has one of the best standing Roman theatres and aqueducts.

An exhilarating and activity filled quad bike safari. Experience the thrill of being a bit wild and take an off-road adventure into the Taurus Mountains. Quad biking is a unique and fun way to tour for the adventurous. Previous quad riding experience is not necessary.

Go off road for a day on a jeep safari adventure. The day is packed with fun and frolics for all the family. Prepare to get dusty and wet as you bounce along the Taurus mountain trails. You will see Turkish village life and stunning scenery. Then cool off at a picturesque picnic lunch in the river and go swimming in the cool river waters.

Travel along the scenic turquoise mediterranean coastline and visit Alanya which has many banana and orange trees and an old castle offering spectacular views around Alanya. You will visit the castle, ancient dockyards, caves, the marina and markets. This is a truly memorable day out for all the family.

Take a fantastic day out on our ultimate off road vehicles and experience a great adventure. This tour is action packed with lots of sight-seeing as you drive through natural terrain. You will have time to swim and cool off in a nearby river and enjoy a relaxing lunch. This is a fun day out and can be enjoyed by all ages.

Pamukkale means, “cotton castle” in Turkish and as soon as you see this place you will see why. It’s a series of mountainside terraces where natural springs have solidified into snowy-white stalactites and cliffs. The effect is beautiful and reminds you of a winter wonderland. The Romans first realised its potential thousands of years ago and established a health spa here. People still flock here to admire the scenery and bathe in the main, thermal pool. You’ll start at the ice-white terraces where you will have the opportunity to take photos of the surreal landscape. Then it’s on to Hierapolis, the town the Romans built, where you will stay overnight on a half board basis.

A sun soaked adventure filled day out for all of the family. Choose from 25 different slides and 7 pools bounce along the wave pool or play water football.

The Manavgat boat trip incorporates a visit to the local market, river and waterfalls. At the market you will have the opportunity to haggle with the locals followed by a cruise along the emerald green river which flows 90kms from Eastern slopes of the Western Taurus mountains, where the sea and river meet. The boat will moor at a beach where you will have the opportunity for swimming and relaxing. Lunch will be served on board the boat, followed by a trip to the scenic waterfalls.

This trip is ideal for adventurous souls. It is a thrilling fun day out. Splash rapidly down the crystal waters of the Koprulu Canyon on a raft holding a maximum of 8 people. Enjoy the ride as your raft skims and spins over the waters with everyone laughing and shrieking along the way. Keep your eyes on the scenery as you are in a national park, you’ll pass steep cliffs and pine forests that most tourists never get to see. It’s an exhilarating ride but the rapids are gentle, so they’re perfect for beginners. Lunch is also included in your day out. However drinks are extra.

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