Terms and Conditions - Sidelet Apartment Renting Service in Side,Turkey

We aim to provide a happy holiday apartment rental service, the emphasis is that the homeowner has priority and will inform “Sidelet” of all personal bookings as early as possible.

We would advise you to check regularly for available dates.

A minimum standard for each property would be required i.e.:

  • 2 sets of quality bedding for each bed
  • 2 sets of quality towels for each bathroom
  • sufficient quality kitchen equipment
  • cleaning equipment
  • in general terms all of the amenities that you would expect when renting. 

The undertaking of insurance against damage to contents is the responsibility of the owner (small items will be replaced by Sidelet and the cost will be deducted from the final amount owing-should we discover items missing). At the owners discretion we can ask for a breakage deposit – however this may result in fewer bookings.

Sidelet reserves the right to offer promotional prices to increase rental at their discretion.

Sidelet agree that we will not accept large same sex bookings without prior agreement from the owner.

The contract can be cancelled by any party under certain circumstances i.e.:

a) Sale of property

b) Minimum standards of bedding, towels, cleaning equipment not available 

Sidelet would have access to each property for e.g. taking website photographs.

Our transfer representatives will at all times check a pre-prepared inventory (prepared by the owner) on departure of clients-should our transfer rep be used. No guests will be transferred if a higher value item is missing or broken (it is inevitable that smaller items will incur some loss or damage). Property inventory must be prepared by the owner, listing all priority items that need checking.

NB: Although it does not affect this contract, any force majeur circumstance will undoubtedly affect bookings, whether it be Avian Flu, terrorist activity, natural disaster etc.

Personal bookings will be classed as family and friends and these bookings would be commission free. We are happy to provide cleaning at our standard cost for these weeks. It must be noted, that to receive higher revenue – the property should be available a minimum of four weeks in the high season.

Rental with Sidelet does not prevent owners advertising elsewhere (in fact we are happy to provide cleaning and transfers for none Sidelet bookings – if required).

Please visit our cleaning service page for prices and infomation on our superior cleaning service.

Finally, communication is everything, if you are in doubt or have concerns at any time, do not hesitate to contact us or phone us: 00 90 (533) 239 45 81.

Cleaners work from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Monday to Saturday.

Any additional cleaning required outside of these times will be charged at double time.

Any booked clean that cannot be fulfilled by no fault of Sidelet, be it refusal of guests to allow entry to a property to incorrect cleaning dates given by the owner will incur a charge of half of the normal cleaning rate for that property.

Please contact us for further details (our rates and rental rates) of Terms and Conditions

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